Mello Act Determination in a Coastal Zone

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Photo by InSapphoWeTrust is licensed under CC BY 2.0 In order to receive approval for a demolition or... Read More → Mello Act Determination in a Coastal Zone

NEPA Review

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24 CFR Part 58 is the Federal regulation that outlines the environmental review procedures for entities... Read More → NEPA Review

Foreclosure Registry Program

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YOUR EFFORTS CAN HELP REDUCE BLIGHT IN OUR COMMUNITY The City of Los Angeles is eager to collaborate our... Read More → Foreclosure Registry Program

Developer Resources

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Land Use Covenants The Planning and Land Use Unit of the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) is charged... Read More → Developer Resources

Funding Programs

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Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline The Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline creates affordable rental housing... Read More → Funding Programs


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Find announcements for developers here! View all AHMP announcements Click view below for Affordable Housing... Read More → Announcements

Residential Hotel Land Use Clearance

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Photo by Jeremy Sternberg is licensed under CC BY 2.0   The City shall not approve a Conversion or... Read More → Residential Hotel Land Use Clearance

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LENDERS Foreclosure Online Registry Lenders, beneficiaries or trustees who hold or have an interest in a deed... Read More → Online Services – Partners

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Go To Section Neighborhood Improvement Policy & RA Compliance Dev & Fin Loan Portfolio Land... Read More → Partners – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SB 8 Determinations

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REPLACEMENT UNIT DETERMINATION – HOUSING CRISIS ACT OF 2019 (SB 8) The Housing Crisis Act of 2019, as... Read More → SB 8 Determinations