AB 2556

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Photo by Mike Linksvayer is licensed under CC BY 2.0   Learn how to apply for an Assembly Bill (AB)... Read More → AB 2556

CEQA review

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The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is the State-level environmental review guideline. CEQA... Read More → CEQA review

Construction services

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HELPING DEVELOPERS AND CONTRACTORS BUILD AFFORDABLE HOUSING We will provide you with guidance throughout the... Read More → Construction services

Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline

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The Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline creates affordable rental housing for low and very low-income... Read More → Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline

Municipal Bond Finance

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MUNICIPAL BOND FINANCE The City of Los Angeles, through the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD), acts as... Read More → Municipal Bond Finance

AHMP Announcements

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April 18, 2022 Proposed 2022 Affordable Housing Managed Pipeline Program Regulations The Los Angeles Housing... Read More → AHMP Announcements

Comply with federal and LAHD regulations

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If you plan to build additional affordable housing units with federal or City subsidies, then your project... Read More → Comply with federal and LAHD regulations



We are proud to be partnering with a dedicated group of housing developers to expand affordable housing... Read More → Developers



We invite you to partner with us on housing projects through our initiatives. New Generation Fund  Los... Read More → Lenders

Online Services

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Our host of online services enables you to pay bills, input data for contracts or check the status of a grant... Read More → Online Services