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City of Los Angeles 2023 – 2028 Assessment of Fair Housing

The 2023-2028 Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) for Los Angeles will examine whether everyone has similar choices for housing regardless of protected class. Federally protected classes include race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, religion, disability, and families with children. Learn more about how this process will engage Angelenos. California state law also prohibits discrimination in housing for other protected classes due to age, ancestry, citizenship and immigration status, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, language, sexual orientation, source of income, and veteran status.

The AFH will:

  • Identify the primary conditions that limit fair housing access in Los Angeles;
  • Recommend and prioritize actions to address these limiting conditions in order to:
    • Reduce segregation;
    • Eliminate racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty;
    • Reduce disparities in access to community assets; and
    • Reduce disproportionate levels of housing need for families with children, people with disabilities, and people of different races, ethnicities, and national origins; and
  • Outline goals, milestones, and metrics for implementing actions to address fair housing issues in Los Angeles.

The community’s opinions and perceptions are an important part of this planning process, and everyone is invited to participate. Your input will provide essential information to local policymakers, LAHD and HACLA staff, housing providers, fair housing organizations, social service providers, lenders, and affordable housing advocates.

As we embark on development of this AFH study, we’ll use this page to keep the public up-to-date on the plan’s progress. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the AFH process!

Fair Housing Survey

Share your thoughts on fair housing by participating in the fair housing survey!

  • What are the greatest housing needs in Los Angeles?
  • Are community resources equally available in all neighborhoods?
  • Do you know your fair housing rights?

Take the Survey (Coming soon)

Upcoming Meetings + Events

Registration information coming soon.

  • Community workshops: September-October 2022
  • Stakeholder interviews: September-October 2022
  • Resident focus groups: September-October 2022
  • Draft plans available for public comment: February-March 2023
  • Review and approval of the City’s draft AFH: April 2023

Stay Informed

Send your e-mail address to to request to be added to our contact list to receive updates on the project, including information on attending community workshops, reviewing discussion input from meetings and workshops, and commenting on the draft plan when it becomes available. Please include: “Add to Contact List” in the email subject line.

Contact LAHD at with any questions or comments about the AFH.

City of Los Angeles’ Previous 2018-2023 Assessment of Fair Housing

Click on the following links to download the AFH Plan

AFH Plan (Full version)

I.     Executive Summary (English) | Executive Summary (Spanish)

II.    Fair Housing Goals and Priorities

III.   Appendices

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