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If you refused to adhere with the plan to temporarily relocate as required by the Tenant Habitability Plan or failed to honor the permanent relocation agreement with the landlord as per LAMC 152.05, these are legal reasons for an eviction under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO).  The RSO allows a landlord to recover possession of a unit to undertake Primary Renovation Work of the rental unit or building. The Landlord may evict for failure to comply with an approved Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) or when the tenant is unreasonably interfering with the landlord’s ability to implement the work plan requirements per LAMC 151.09.A.

What to Expect

The landlord is required to submit the Declaration of Intent to Evict for Failure to Comply with Tenant Habitability Plan to HCIDLA to comply with the RSO filing requirements.

  • HCIDLA will acknowledge receipt of the Landlord’s application.

  • The landlord will give you a 3 day notice in accordance with State Law.

  • The landlord will have to support his allegations in a civil court.

  • Case must be resolved in a court proceeding.

You may want to seek legal assistance by contacting one of the agencies listed in our referral bulletin.

More information about your rights and responsibilities under the RSO.

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