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Before photo on the left displays an exterior of a single-family house with lead hazard, peeling paint. After remediation photo displays the single-family house with fresh paint.

LAHD’s Lead Hazard Remediation Program (LHRP) is currently taking in applications.

LHRP’s Flyer

The Lead Hazard Remediation Program (LHRP) provides grants to property owners to make their properties lead-safe and to eliminate health and safety hazards. The LHRP grants are primarily targeted to low-income families with children under the age of six. The program also provides education regarding the dangers of lead-based paint and health and safety hazards.

You can apply for a lead-safe grant if you are:

  • A homeowner
  • A tenant with permission from the owner


You are eligible to receive a lead-safe grant if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • The property is located in the City of Los Angeles
  • The property was built prior to 1978
  • Your household income is at or below 80% of the Area Median Income for the County of Los Angeles (see income limits chart below)
  • The property must have lead-based paint hazards
  • You are pregnant or have a child under six years old* residing or spending a significant amount of time** at the property
*Children under six years old are at the highest risk of irreversible brain damage from lead.

**Defined by HUD as “at least two days within any week, provided that each day’s visit lasts at least three hours, the combined weekly visit lasts at least six hours and the combined annual visits last at least 60 hours.”

2022 Income Limits
Household Size      1      2      3      4       5       6       7       8
Annual Household Income Limit$66,750$76,250$85,800$95,300$102,950$110,550$118,200$125,800

How to apply

  1. Reach out at *(213)808-8935 or to one of our 3 contracted community based organizations:
    • Coalition for Economic Survival (CES)
      • Entire Los Angeles city area
      • Carlos Aguilar
      • (213) 252-4411 ext. 202
    • Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance (KIWA):
      • Koreatown area
      • Jose A. Garcia
      • (404) 738-9050
    • Pacoima Beautiful:
      • Northeast San Fernando Valley area
      • Maria Guzman
      • (818) 899-2454
  2. Fill out one of the following application forms:
    • For owners applying for a property they live in please fill out the Owner-Occupied Application (English / Spanish)
    • For owners applying for a rental property please fill out the Owner Non-Occupied Application (English / Spanish)
    • For tenants occupying rental units please fill out the Tenant Application (English / Spanish)
      • Tenant Applications must be accompanied by the Owner’s Application as a complete application.
  3. Submit application to LAHD:
Los Angeles Housing Department
Attn: Lead Hazard Remediation Program
1200 W. 7th Street, 8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Incomplete applications will delay project approval process.

If you would like to speak with a live person about this program, please call (213) 808-8935. You can also visit one of our public counters located throughout Los Angeles.

For further information you can visit the following links:

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